Workshop on Numerical Modelling of Grains/Fluid Flows

Mixtures of grains and fluids are ubiquitous in industrial applications (e.g. fluidised beds, mixing or dense suspensions) as well as in geophysical events (e.g. mudflows, landslides, submarine avalanches etc.). Recent advances in numerical methods have made possible the simulation of large assemblies of individual grains immersed in a fluid.

The workshop on Numerical Modelling of Grains/Fluid mixture aims at firstly discussing the simulation methods available to date to examine the flow of discrete particles in a fluid and secondly at presenting the latest numerical results on the behaviour of such mixtures.

Registration is required before October 4th 2013 and is free of charge (although subject to availability).



Invited speakers

  • Cyrus AIDUN, Georgia Tech, USA
  • Roberto BENZI, INFN Roma Tor Vergata, Italy
  • Bruno CHAREYRE, 3SR Grenoble, France
  • Yuntian FENG, Swansea University, UK
  • Elisabeth GUAZZELLI, IUSTI Marseille, France
  • Bertrand MAURY, Paris II, France
  • Vincent RICHEFEU, 3SR Grenoble, France
  • Stéphane VINCENT, ENSCBP Bordeaux, France

Organizing committee:

  • N. Taberlet (ENS de Lyon)
  • A. Wachs (IFP nouvelles Energies, Solaize)
  • J.-Y. Delenne (INRA Montpellier)
  • F. Radjai (CNRS Montpellier)

Administrative coordinator:

  • Samantha Barendson, Centre Blaise Pascal, École normale supérieure de Lyon, France
Online user: 1